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Arriving in Charlottesville

Hello alltogether!

yesterday was my first night in Charlottesville/VA.
My first flight was with 77students from YFU! When we landed in Washington D.C. it was 2.00pm and I had to wait for my next flight 4hours!! But time passed so fast! We all had to go to a lot of security stations and after this we had to take our luggage and go to the zoll! then we gave our luggage away and I hoped it arrives with me in Charlottesville!
Then a Teamer from YFU USA brang me and 5others to our gates. Our gate was gate A2. But my one was special.... my gate called A2F!! But there wasn't a gate named A2F! So all the others go in there plane when time was coming and I was sitting there and thought "and now?" Then my teamer came to me and ask me if everything is allright and I told her that my flight doesn't excist. She was going to a man for asking where the flight is and then we had to walk to gate A4 but after 20minutes waiting a voice said "Flight Charlottesville VA is now on gate 2" so we had to walk back and then i was going into my plane!
It was a very short flight. 20 or 30 minutes. You go up and then down ;-)

Now I was in Charlottesville my home for the next ten month! Sue, Rob and Lily wait at the airport.

I just eat something and then I go to bed because it was 3.00am in Germany and I was very tiered

Today we're going to the fiddle camp for the weekend. It will be very exciting!
Sue take me out today and show me the city. It's very nice and VERY green. First I thought Charlottesville looks like Kelkheim, both green but Charlottesville is 'greener'
We go to a baggle shop to buy some baggles for the drive (3hours to West Virginia). After it we go to the libery and get a liberycard for me.

And now I'm back home.
Sue practise violine and Rob bring Lily to another camp where we pick her up at 12.00.

That's my first day!!

Have a nice time!

20.8.10 16:20


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Valüü (22.8.10 16:49)
Hey Fleurchenmöhrchen,

so how did u feel on your first weekend. U didn't say nottin bout ur feelings 'n stuff :-) I'm excited! 2morrow s'cools gonna start and me babysis is gonna be all alone in tha big wide world!

Keep ya ears up my dear!!!
Great hugs and kisses from Oriol and me, but more from me ;-) love,


Baba (23.8.10 19:50)
Hope your English will improve in the next 10 months :-)
Huges Baba

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